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Southern Wilderness & Indian Ocean Island Safari

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Walking safaris in the Selous provide
close encounters with Africa's
biggest population
of elephants.

Hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar

This safari combines Africa and Tanzania's largest protected wilderness area, East Africa's most pristine coral island, and the rich cultural heritage, rainforests and stunning white san beaches of Zanzibar.

Savannahs and Rivers of the Selous

Of the many wilderness opportunities available in Africa, few can beat the continent's largest game reserve: the Selous.  It takes a little more getting to than some of the more popular reserves in Tanzania, but when you reach there, you will be one of a very small number of people amid this vast reserve.

Some of the best game viewing here is from or beside the majestic Rufiji river.  The water attracts high densities of wildlife including Africa's largest populations of elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, hippopotamus and the continent's rarest predator, the hunting dog.  Lions can be seen in large prides, along with cheetahs and leopards, although the latter is elusive as it tends to keep to pockets of forest.

The reserve's labyrinth of rivers, islets, lagoons and swamps also provide an ideal place from which to see some of its 440 or more species of bird. You will have the opportunity to explore this by boat and experience the savannahs through a combination of 4x4 and walking safaris if you wish.

In all, the Selous is 44,800 km2 of wilderness recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Chumbe Island Coral Park

Chumbe was Tanzania's first marine protected area containing more than 200 species of hard coral and 90% of East Africa's 400 species of fish.  The island is like a living museum with a network of trails above and below the water.  Innovative floating underwater information makes your snorkeling explorations all the more revealing.  The park's rangers can guide you around the rich intertidal rock pools and the pristine coral rag forests of the island where might find the world's largest land crab.  This is the rare Coconut Crab which measures up to 100cm in length and as it name suggests, it can crack open a coconut with its bare claws.


This trip provides you with three very different perspectives of this island.  Your first introduction will be a night in this Spice Island's capital of Stone Town; in a hotel which is itself part of the town's rich Oman Islamic architectural heritage.

The longest period of time you will spend in one place will be beside some of the island's most spectacular long white sand beaches. Some good snorkelling and / or diving can be integrated if you wish. Traditional sailing dhows will ply the coast before you whilst you can relax in a stunning resort full of Zanzibari style and excellent food. .

Before you leave we will take you to see one of East Africa's most important rainforest and mangrove areas - in particular to see its endemic Red Colobus Monkey.  It is likely you will see Sykes Monkeys here too, along with opportunities to see some of the island's birdlife and other mammals such as Elephant Shrews.

Photographs kindly provided by Ralph Pannell, Guido Cozzi, Javed Jafferji, Paul Thompson, Hal Thompson, Craig Zendel


Coconut crab on Chumbe Island


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